Social responsibility as the essence of our identity.


As part of the ULMA Group, we have embraced Social Responsibility as part of the very essence of our identity.

Our strategy is based on solid and sustainable growth, combining economic success and social welfare with care and respect for the environment.

Since our inception we have promoted active collaboration with a large number of organisations that work for the benefit of society. CSR is ingrained in the very essence of our company and our cooperative values. In ULMA, we engage in activities to promote the social economy, support education and cooperative training and promote research. Our CSR policy also seeks to have an impact on other areas of activity such as social action and welfare (supporting projects that ensure the comprehensive development of disadvantaged groups and poor communities), promoting education, sport as a means of promoting healthy lifestyles, culture as a way of helping to transform our environment and sustainability as the key to enduring over time.

In addition, people are key in our organisation, and the creation of quality job positions, training, equal opportunities and the pursuit of work-life balance are essential aspects of our corporate culture.

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